Freshwater Macroinvertebrates from Streams in Western Washington and Western Oregon
A laminate field guide by Michael R. Clapp © 2010

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Description and Features of the Guide

This double-sided, 9" X 11 1/2", full-color, laminated field guide includes more than 70 pictures of freshwater macroinvertebrates and describes over 45 taxa of insect and non-insect aquatic organisms. The guide is printed on 80 lb. white cover stock and sealed in 7 mil laminate for durability and protection in the field.

Features of the guide:

  • Contains many common aquatic organisms found in streams – mostly insect larvae, but also includes some aquatic adults and some non-insect macroinvertebrates
  • the front of the guide focuses on common stonefly, mayfly, and caddisfly families
  • the back of the guide contains other common insect and non-insect taxa
  • insects are identified to the family level, with multiple examples shown for many of these families
  • the macroinvertebrates are arranged by taxa (insect orders; non-insect phyla/classes)
  • common name and classification are given for each organism
  • 6 major classification groupings are color-coded (insects, arachnids, crustaceans, annelids, platyhelminthes, mollusks); color key on bottom of page two
  • size and other physical characteristics are listed for identification purposes
  • a metric scale is included on the bottom of page one to assist in determining size

Macro groups represented:

  • caddisflies - northern case-maker, saddle-case-maker, humpless case-maker, lepidostomatid case-maker, net-spinner, free-living, finger-net
  • mayflies - ameletid, prong-gill, small minnow, spiny crawler, flat-headed
  • stoneflies - golden, little yellow, little brown, little green, slender winter, giant, roach-like
  • aldersflies & dobsonflies
  • damselfly & dragonflies
  • aquatic beetles - riffle beetles, predaceous diving beetles, water penny, whirligig
  • true bugs - water boatman, water strider
  • flies - mosquito, midges, black fly, crane fly
  • arachnids - water mites
  • crustaceans - scud, sow bug*, crayflish
    *correction to guide: I've been informed that the sow bug image used in the guide is of a semi-aquatic or terrestrial species, not a true aquatic sowbug (even though it was found in a sample collected from a stream).
  • worms - aquatic earthworm, leeches, flatworm
  • mollusks - snails, limpet, clam, mussel

Copies are available for purchase -- $4.50 each, plus shipping and tax (WA residents)
For more information, contact: gmail ; or phone: 360-577-0494


Sample A
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Sample B
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